Toddler Swim 7mths – 2yrs

The water safety and water orientation programme is based on repetition by simplified steps that are fun adding sing-a-long songs for kids to join in. This is a great time for both mommy and daddy to bond with their new baby in the pool and enjoy this time with your little one. Moms and Dads are weaned out of the pool when their kids reach twenty months.  


The programme is based on repetition to encourage children to adopt the exercises if they should fall into the pool without you. The earlier your child starts swimming, the sooner they will pick up on these skills. Nothing will ever be forced on your child and they will not be made to do anything they are not comfortable with. 


At Mac’s Swim School we are very proud of the relationships that are formed with our swimmers, parents, and instructors.  We encourage our swimmers to be independent and confident in the water.  When assistance is required or needed we are always close by.  Trust is the most important factor for a child’s safety with an instructor.


We run 30-minute classes, allowing time for kids to settle, have their lesson and then have five minutes of ‘play time’ in which the child gets to enjoy the water (the classroom becomes the playground).



3 Years old +


Learn to swim  (three years old +)

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: R660 p/m (1 x per week); R1150 p/m (2 x per week)


Introduction to strokes

Maximum 3 depending on water safety capabilities.
This program follows on promoting group interactivity, whilst motivating the children to learn to swim. This is a fun interactive program that will help to get your child water aware and able to swim a length of the pool.  All strokes are also started in this program as and when your child is ready.  You would receive a Nemo certificate once you qualify to move to the next group.



four years old + 

Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: R660 p/m (1 x per week); R1150 p/m (2 x per week);

Stroke Correction classes are for waterborne children who can swim totally unaided. These are also group classes, with a maximum of four in a group and a fully qualified instructor. The aim of these classes is to get the child swimming all four FINA strokes – freestyle with bilateral breathing, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Diving, tumble turns, push and glides, and loads of water games are also included at this level. You would receive a DORI Certificate to move to Stroke correction in a 25m pool with Dylan!


  • Certificates are rewarded for Three Levels.  NEMO! DORI! DOLPHIN!



Junior or Triathlon Coach Swim


Held on twice a week at Crawford School Benmore – Dylan Mac Millan

Heated 25m pool all year round.

Friday’s 2:30pm


Classes are about 45 mins with 2|3 in lane.  The classes are structured for stroke correction, perfection. Tumble turns, diving.  Coach will get in the water if needed to demonstrate what is required. 

This programme has been running 2 years with Dylan and has encouraged the young swimmers to join in at school gala’s and have loads of fun and gain confidence.

Adult Swim Lessons

Lessons are designed for adults who have had no or very little experience in water.  Loads of fun, confidence building lessons have proven to be very successful. 


Want to scuba dive or snorkel?  This takes as long as each swimmer needs and varies according to their own requirements. Everyone has a different learning pace.


Nursery School and Charitable options to be advised.