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Macs Swimming School assure you that we are dedicated to being 100% covid safe and are taking every precaution necessary to keep you and your children safe.

COVID-19 Facts

Covid-19 can NOT survive in chlorinated water.

Covid-19 can NOT survive in water warmer than 26 degrees. 

Covid-19 can NOT be transmitted through heated pools.

Our protocol:

  • All staff where the necessary PPE when interacting with our client;

  • No MASK no ENTRY;

  • Your hands will be sanitised and your temperature is taken prior to allowing entry;

  • There are 4 sanitiser stations setup at the school;

  • All teachers and parents wear masks during the lessons;

  • The classes are structured to allow a respectable distance between swimmers.

  • Should you need anymore information on our protocols please do not hesitate to contact Teacher Gail on 083 290 1199.

Please note:

  • Should you have any of the Covid symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, temperature please cancel your lessons;

  • Should you know that you have been in contact with any person who has Covid or is experiencing any Covid symptoms, please advise the school.

Let's be considerate to all and keep safe!

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